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Sun, 12 Nov 2000 12:19:39 -0700

paula tarbell wrote:

> We believed in self-directed learning in theory, but still insisted on
> math
> and writing to be included in our homeschooling days (other-imposed
> learning). Looking back I now see that this was to calm relatives'
> and
> society's misguided fears, in addition to my own that my children
> would grow
> up not being able to take care of themselves unless I force-fed them
> this
> stuff. I no longer believe this and only hope that I didn't do too
> much
> damage in the process.

And that points out the major role of parents, not only in sudschools
but also in all schools: to protect their children from being the
victims of others' expectations, especially the expectations of those
(neighbors, relatives) who have no &^%* business telling other people's
kids what they should be and do. I've seen very few parents who didn't
roll over and go belly up before "society's" demands on their little
ones. (Ironically, it's the parents of sociopaths who often protect
their little demons -- the very people who SHOULD be listening to
society's demands.)

> Masters produce angry slaves, and slaves tend to enslave as well,
> unless
> they wake up. It is no way to live.

Bingo! Once again you hit it. That's why "socialization" in
traditional school is bogus. You can't socialize without free
association and without some kind of equality. Both are denied .


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