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> Kathleen,
> I imagine myself letting go and playing with the children. What have you
> noticed about teachers playing with students?
> robert

Daniel Greenburg has said, "You either see it or you don't." I so agree with
You can talk until you're blue in the face trying to get someone to see that
respecting children is so very valuable.
I've noticed that many teachers don't play with children. Some do. Generally,
I've seen the children come into the first grade and they're excited. They
naturally sing and dance. They laugh and giggle.
By the third grade, the spontaneous dancing and singing have stopped for the
most part.

 In the second grade, Sister Michael Anne played with me. She played with all
of us. She threw some really good grounders in baseball. She was a natural
in a non-natural setting. I loved her. She showed me respect and I carry
that with me today.
But she was the only teacher who played with me for eight years.

 I've seen other naturals at this.Daniel Greenburg is one. My husband Bill
is another. Bill tried teaching in the traditional setting and couldn't do it
to save his life. He has the wonderful ability to risk looking like a fool to
traditionally-minded people. But he plays with my son, nephews, nieces and
neighborood children and has a ball. They have a ball with him too.

The interesting thing is that Bill didn't take that risk until he saw
something different, that being the Sudbury model.
I have to say the same for myself. I gravitate toward the children when
there are groups of people. In high school, I play with my students in the
form of discussion, joking and trashing the status quo.

I don't think I could bear just imagining it after seeing it for myself. I
need to do it.
Thank you for your wonderful question.

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