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Sat, 11 Nov 2000 19:55:35 -0700

well said, Cindy!

CindyK wrote:

> Wow, what a conversation! I can see that there are a lot of hot
> buttons out there and a lot of passionate people. I would like to
> suggest that we give each other the freedom and respect that we would
> give the students at an SVM school. Some people feel compelled to
> leave the public school system once they find alternatives. They feel
> like traitors if they don't. That's great. Others, like Kathleen,
> feel that they would rather stay and do the best they can with what
> they have. Shouldn't we respect both of these attitudes? Don't these
> people know best what they need to do? Isn't that what SVM teaches
> us? - Follow your heart, do what's right for you? No two people will
> want to do the same thing and they shouldn't. What a boring world if
> we all did the same thing. The ones that leave, help to set up more
> communities of SVM schools. The ones that stay help to give a little
> relief to the students in the public schools. I would love to have
> had a teacher like Kathleen when I was in school! The more this idea
> of freedom gets around, the more proponents we will have. Working
> both sides of the system will help get the word out that there are
> alternatives. It takes people a long time to accept change. We each
> have our own reality and we must be true to our hearts. Instead of
> bickering over who should do what, we can rejoice in the fact that we
> all have a common goal - to free the children. And then do our best
> within our own realities to make that happen as our hearts guide us.
> It will happen. Let us work together! There are no enemies. Take
> careCindyK

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