DSM: change on a large scale

Connie Shaw (ordinary_person@email.msn.com)
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 11:20:15 -0700

I think that one of the key elements in effecting change on a large scale is
what the women's movement used to call "consciousness raising." That has to
happen for the people who are within the system. The oppressed have to
realize that they are oppressed. Many kids in traditional schools certainly
are well aware of that, others are less so. Some of the adults--but far from
enough--recognize that they are both oppressed by the system and
perpetuating the oppression. The other part of consciousness raising is
realizing that there are alternatives to the status quo.

I think that any movement towards greater freedom can raise people's
consciousness, whether it comes from within the system or outside it. The
prevalence of the homeschooling/unschooling movement is probably doing more
to raise people's awareness about freedom in education than anything else.
Many people in this country know now someone who is being homeschooled or

Ultimately, the oppressive system must be eradicated, but that only happens
when enough people who are oppressed by it are aware enough to throw off
their chains. Unfortunately, very few people know about Sudbury schools.
What the "children's rights/abolish compulsive education movement" needs is
a very visible, charismatic spokesperson--a Gloria Steinem, or Betty
Friedan, or Martin Luther King.

-Connie Shaw

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