Re: DSM: Sharing the SVS model

Rick Stansberger (
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 23:05:23 -0700

Julianne Madrid wrote:

> Kathleen,
> I also work in a public school and I agree that there
> are many committed people who work there. It is my
> struggle currently to figure out how to deal with
> making a living in the system we have (at least for
> now) while striving to maintain my own integrity in
> the matter of respect for young people, etc. The fact
> remains that this is the system that the majority of
> young people in this country go through. I don't
> think attacking the teachers is the way to go about
> it.

I see an analogy to Viet Nam and the protestors calling returning vets baby killers. But the anti-war
vets had incredible power with the public when they showed up at protests and spoke from the knowledge
of people who had been there. I think that pro-Sudbury p.s. teachers can have a similar impact. If
only Sudbury insiders promote the Sudbury way, John and Jane Public will always be able to question
their motives.


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