Re: DSM: Sharing the SVS model

Rick Stansberger (
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 22:59:53 -0700

Kristin Harkness wrote:

> I know you need to believe this because, how else could you live with
> yourself? Think about it. How else could you go to work each day and
> collect your paycheck, benefits, and live with yourself if you had to
> abandon whatever misguided sense of mission you think you have to mold the
> next generation if you accepted the fact that you are the enemy.

There are enemies and there are enemies. You can choose to stay in the system
even recognizing how destructive it is. You stay for the kids. Some kids will
really appreciate you for it. And if you leave, knowing what you know about the
phony-baloney bureaucrap of it all, your kids are likely to get somebody less
sensitive and more clueless. This can keep a teacher in the system.


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