Re: DSM: Give everyone the freedom

Allan Saugstad (
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 14:24:12 -0800

I am very interested in this idea of freedom. SOme of you have intimated
that it is a waste of time to try to give kids kids freedom in a regular
school setting - it doesn't address the cause of the problem.

I believe there are degrees of freedom in every society and institution.
When I parent, I try my darndest to let my children direct their own
lives, but there are times I just tell them what to do. In my school, I
give my students as much freedom as I can, within reason, and without
creating anarchy, but of course they are still stuck in the system.

My hope is that if I give them a taste, just a taste, of freedom they
will learn to demand more; from myself, their teachers, their parents,
and their community.

As history has shown, if oppressed societies are given a taste of
freedom, it is very difficult to enslave them again - look at what
happened to Gorbachev. In reality, we are all slaves to one thing or
another, because of our conditioning. I personally find it really hard
to be free of the entrapments of MONEY, but nevertheless, I work every
day to realize my own freedom, little by little. Our society is slowly
becoming more civilized, as it always has, and I see more and more
people demanding freedom - and society does change! I think a revolution
 on behalf of the rights of children will come soon, and then who knows
how many sudbury schools people will want!

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