Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 01:48:17 EST

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<< If
 you could hear what I heard from students "just fine" on the surface, but
 burning with resentment inside, you wouldn't need to ask such questions as
 the above. >>
With respect, I ask these questions because I "guessed" that they would
create discussion. I think it worked.

I've seen damaged and then I've seen "damaged". I went to a private Catholic
It's a good thing I don't know where those nuns live today. I'd probably
slash their tires! After eight years of that crap, I went to Jr. High School
and couldn't believe I could go to my locker between classes without anyone
watching me. The campus was open and that was freedom to me.
Am I damaged? probably. (If anyone out there is perfect, give me a call.
I'll take my camera.)
  But, the damage mostly came from my family. I was fortunate in that I
didn't take school seriously. In fact, I loved going because it gave me an
opportunity to see other prospectives on life rather than those at home. I
took what was of value to me.
The rest, I disregarded.

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