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Alan Klein wrote:

>There is an old "formula" for change that reads "C iff D X V X S X F > R"
>(Change will happen if and only if the product of Dissatisfaction with the
>status quo, the Vision of the future state, the Support system in place to
>support the change, and the First steps toward reaching the vision is
>greater than the Resistance to the change). It is a product, rather than a
>summation, since all four of the left hand elements need to be in place, or
>the product will be zero and the Resistance will never be overcome. What
>this says to me is that, while it is very important to keep our focus on our
>Vision (Philosophy, etc.), it is equally important to build Support systems.
>We are a small group of fellow travelers. We can use all the help we can
>Having said this, I want to emphasize that I do not support compromising on
>the philosophy in an effort to gain support or enrollment. I am only saying
>that, for example, the school in Colorado, and the people who work at it and
>attend it, may be good people to get to know. To claim that they have
>nothing in common with us is potentially to build a wall...a wall that is
>probably needless and possibly destructive to our cause.

Your formula for change is extremely insightful, and it brings up the
importance of joining together and creating communication with ALL those
who see the need for change in the educational system. I have actually
read a good deal about the Jefferson County Open School, and exchanged a
couple emails with a staff member there, and the program has a great deal
of value in giving choice and support to the children with much less
coercion than that found in most traditional settings. Although it does
have classes and more or less requires students to go to them (something I
am against), the staff constantly meets to discuss and attempt to improve
the environment there, and their efforts, as with all others', are
important to learn about and recognize.


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