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Thu, 09 Nov 2000 19:58:05 -0800

Dear Kathleen,

NO, NO, NO !!!

Regardless of what anyone tells you the near term future of our country rests
with our public schools. PERIOD. They are a most critical part of our society.

My wife and I have home schooled for over twenty years. I have worked
extensively with public schools to change their paradigms and have succeeded
little by little. I currently work with two school districts in a new paradigm
model that allows students and parents extensive freedoms. Change can happen
from within but you have to know how to do it.

First - by being aware of a different model you can impact the model you are in
in a positive way. You are a valuable resource to all the people you come in
contact with. Understanding fully what the public school system is all about and
the most successful models in the public school setting is a valuable knowledge

Going on strike will not help the problem as the unions are the largest problem,
followed immediately by dead school boards. Quitting, in mass, is not the answer
as public school is the only option most parents have. Public schools serve a
valuable public service by containing our children while the parents work or
play. Letting all those students loose would cause a societal uproar.

For yourself, if you have not found yourself in the path you are on it may be
time to find the path that will enable you to find and experience yourself to
your fullest. That may, or may not be, where you are right now.

I humbly disagree with Bruce Smith's view when he suggests that there is an
enemy. (My wife was dusting my computer and read his comment and said he sounds
just like the public school teachers we are always working with.) One size does
not fit all. (Does that sound familiar?) I strongly believe that the public
school system is excellent at what it does. (I will not go into what I think it
does but I do think it does a good job doing it.)

Alan (the public school principal) said he agrees when people refer to the
public school system as being cruel and slave like. I have, for many years,
worked as a Boy Scout volunteer. Now there is a slave like organization. Boys
come together for a purpose, work hard together to achieve varying goals and
some communal goals in a very regimented organization, by gosh they even wear
uniforms, take an oath, and obey the Scout Law.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a system, as the public school system,
existing to meet the needs of those people who wish to participate in that
system. What is wrong is that it is the ONLY FREE educational option for most of
our citizens. I really believe that when we get vouchers for every child, and
yes I believe someday that will happen, the majority of parents will choose to
send their children to what is today called the "public school". But vouchers
will give those that want an alternative the choice.

What is important, in my opinion, is that we work to have public money go to
vouchers for private, non sectarian, schools. Such a program is totally legal
and would support programs such as the SVM. I also think it is important to work
against any national testing program. One size does not fit all.

Be encouraged. There are many places where your gifts can be used, and paid for,
and as has been said the SVM does not work for all students and is not "the
best" model. One size does not fit all.

The question that I think is important for you to answer is what picture would
you paint on an empty canvas that, when you step back from and look at it, gives
you pure joy ! Paint it, then build it in reality :)

John Axtell wrote:

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> writes:
> << Look, I don't doubt that those of you on this list who are still in
> traditional schools mean well, and are doing your damnedest to treat your
> students as human beings. But you have to realize that, even if you are not
> the enemy, you _are_ giving aid and comfort to that enemy. >>
> Ok, then one more question for you to ponder or disregard:
> 1. Should we all go out on strike or quit on the bases that we're commiting
> treason?
> Kathleen

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