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> I would hope that public school teachers do read some of the Sudbury books
> and then can determine for themselves whether there is a way to incorporate
> the philosphy in thier classes.

Traditional schools operate according to a very straightforward
philosophy. Traditional schools believe in the concept of a curriculum --
a list of things that the student must acquire during their stay in the
school. It is possible to be a "progressive" traditional school, that
believes the curriculum will be learned by gently guiding people to and/or
through the material -- but there is still an underlying curriculum in
such schools.

Sudbury schools operate according to a different philosophy. Sudbury
schools reject the idea of a curriculum. Sudbury Schools feel that the
only person capable of deciding what a specific individual should spend
time doing or thinking about is that individual her/himself.

These philosophies are diametrically opposed. Incorporating a Sudbury
philosophy into a traditional school is impossible. One or both of the
two philosophies will corrupt into something unrecognizable.
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