Re: DSM: public school prisons (sharing the SVS model, etc.)

Rick Stansberger (
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 09:59:07 -0700

> Ok, then one more question for you to ponder or disregard:
> 1. Should we all go out on strike or quit on the bases that we're commiting
> treason?
> Kathleen


Here are some options I see:

   * Collect the check, sigh and realize that if you left someone else would step
     up, someone probably worse.
   * Collect the check, try to rescue the individuals you can.
   * Collect the check, and try to subvert the system by individual acts of
   * Collect the check, consciously fight the system. More do-able if you have
     tenure than if you don't.
   * Collect the check, work on union and legislators to get them to see the
     virtues of the Sudbury model. Public and private schools could adopt the
     model right now, if they wanted to. There's no monetary or physical
     impediment. Are the blocks are mental.
   * Leave the institution and work as a private tutor.
   * Leave the institution and teach in college, which does allow a bit more
   * Leave the institution and start a sudschool.
   * Leave the institution and join up with a sudschool.
   * Leave the institution and take up a different career.

I've done all but the last two. Right now I'm living on savings and what my wife
brings in, and she and I are starting a sudschool. I expect at some point that
I'll have to take an outside job at least for a few years until the school gets
going, so I'm practicing my job skills: Do you want fries with that? :-)


"Life is too important to be taken seriously." Oscar Wilde.

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