DSM: intership or employment @ SVS?

Martin O'Brien (martin@martinobrien.com)
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 11:30:01 -0500

As a second year early childhood education major, I am plaqued by sights of
my professors and advisors, etc parading the college center with picket
signs yelling "I'd be on strike if it weren't illegal!!", along with
negative and discouraging advice from the teachers I come in contact with at
my field study school. Please, someone out there, give me reassurance that
my efforts of studying education are destined to be crushed by the junk that
fills politicians mouths, the media, and the wonderful world of unions..Ever
since I read Free At Last for my Education in American Society class, I have
been fascinated by the SVM.. If I been aware of SVS while I was in high
school, I would have begged my parents to send me there. I would appreciate
any info from anyone on what qualifications the SVS requires for applicants
for employment. I have been looking up other SVM schools in hopes that I
could do some interning, since I was told by a professor that the school
does not generally accept visitors. Unfortunately, all of the SVM schools I
have found are way out of commuting distance while I finish college. Again,
I would love to hear any advice or information that could possibly help me
to get involved with SVS or another SVM school...thanks! :) ...Jessica Geyer

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