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> I think people who worry that kids won't learn in a Sudbury school are in so
> much trouble we can't help them! Have they not noticed that one learns all
> the time, usually much more effectively outside of school than in?
> Have they not noticed that small untutored people, like babies and toddlers,
> are non-stop learn machines?
> Mimsy


Small children allowed to explore to learn in joy, learn to explore to learn
in joy. All the while they are watching their mentors to lead the way.

How many of us old farts are modeling exploring freely in joy and trust?

How many thirteen year old mentors are yet exploring freely in joy and

Almost none. A big reason is sex (our moral sexuality is synonymous with
STOP, HIDE). The subtle reason is that intellect follows status quo, not
joyous freedom in trust.

These things demean us developmentally and as learners. To pretend that they
do not permeate our experience is just another lie of intellect. Heartless!

What is it like to dispel the curse? I am inviting a dialogue with another
(perhaps yourself) willing to speak from the depths of heartfelt congruency.
It is a magical experience. Just email me personally. We will publicize
excerpts that get the point across.


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