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Alan Klein (
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 17:54:40 -0500

Just a (non-Limbaughian) "ditto". I began teaching in 1975 and saw myself in
your message, Kathleen. I did a fine job of creating the best relationships
I could with my students and gave them as much freedom as I could, which was
actually an awful lot, since I worked in alternative programs I created
within the public school system. The catch here is that I had the power to
"give" my students the freedom. This means that I also had the power to "not
give" it to them. This means that, ultimately, the power was still mine.

As to whether Dawn was too harsh, I often used the "gilded cage" metaphor
for what I and my partner were able to do. It was pretty well gilded, but it
was still a cage within a larger prison.


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From: Rick Stansberger <>
> Kathleen,
> Dawn was pretty harsh on you ..., and I bet a fiver she's never been a
> teacher, or she wouldn't have said it that way. I've been a teacher since
> and I'm telling you, though, that she's right. Only when teachers drop
> blinders and stop hiding behind all the alphabet jargon (IEP's, PPO's,
> and admit that they're killing initiative and curiosity in kids -- only
> will the soul murder stop in schools. There is absolutely no physical
> (money or facilities) that every public school could not adopt the sudbury
> model. No physical reason, but many psychological ones. The first step
is to
> look at how we harm the kids and lie to ourselves in order to keep on
doing it.

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