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<< Teachers would be
 authentic with other teachers and with their students.
  Kids would have a real say in how the school is run.
 Kids wouldn't shirk their studies because they would >>

I work in the public school system. We're not the enemy. Contrary to popular
belief, there are some of us who don't believe in choosing for our students.
 Yes, we do have to be "up front" with the administration, faculty and
parents. And, that does create problems for us. Given the lack of say about
policy in our system, we have great limitations. But giving the students
freedom and respect for fifty minutes is better than not giving them any at
all. These wonderful beings literally soak it up as though it were the last
drop of water in the desert and make wonderful use of it. The best part of
it is, that they can also take it with them to their next class with a
control freak of an instructor, and use it there in an assertive manner.
Kathleen Richardson

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