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<< I imagine that the answer is that we just let whatever happen happen, and
 trust the children. And that sounds wonderful to me, as I do trust them.
 I think it is my idealism that is talking now, as I know numerous people
 who are going through their lives doing something they do not enjoy - >>


Going to a Sudbury school doesn't guarantee that a child will ever find his
It merely offeres an atmosphere of respect and freedom. In that atmosphere
we as parents hope that the child will come in contact with "like-minded"
people in this journey into life. As far as doing things they don't enjoy,
that happens to Sudbury children too. They have that option as well. They
have the option to become bored, restless, confused and challenged. That's
true respect in my eyes. If you can sit back and allow the child his/her own
path, and trust that the child, like you wants the best for his/her life you
are giving him a precious gift. As a parent, that's a difficult task, but
well worth the risk.

I "teach" (sorry folks. I know that physically hurts some of you out
there!) High School students. A great deal of them are still, at the ages of
13-18 craving only one thing from me. That is respect. I give them that,
and I receive the very best of them, even for short time that I have with
them. And they remember me. They remember me long after they're gone.
Kathleen Richardson

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