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Holly L McHaelen (
Mon, 6 Nov 2000 18:47:37 -0500

Hi John,

I'm thinking that perhaps we were given "heart" so that we could overcome
our intellect, rather than the reverse. It seems to me that intellectual
functioning uninformed by "heart" is more like "computing" than thinking,
and that little that is exciting or worthwhile in human achievement or
relationships would take place without more heart than intellect.

With regard to instinct, I'm trying to maintain and regenerate mine.
"Rising above" it has only gotten me into dangerous situations, not the
least of which involved becoming dangerously detached from my self and my
passion! I value tremendously that SVM as I interpret it has a lot to
do with tapping into our most natural states (isn't one of the most basic
instincts to be *free*? Sure, food or sex are touted as the most basic
drives, but If you put a "wild animal" in a cage s/he is not apt to be
very interested in either).

With regard to fear, I'm with you that it's something to transcend, but I
believe the avenue is through love rather than logic. What comforts a
child awakening from a nightmare?

Holly McHaelen

On Mon, 06 Nov 2000 10:44:45 -0800 John Axtell <>

> I also think it is important to recognize that the "heart" is an
> inappropriate, in my opinion, word to use for whatever it is that we
may be
> discussing. Intellect is given to us so that we can overcome the
"heart" response which is
> usually based on emotion rather than logic. I believe the key
relationship is between
> the mind of an individual and the Holy Spirit.
> Most decisions based on "heart" turn out to be rather dysfunctional.
> The mind was given to man so that he could rise above habit, instinct
(which is
> needed for most critical learning) and primordial fear.
> John Axtell

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