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I have a question. If you were given a free hand in your public middle school what outcomes might
result if the SVM was implemented?

John Axtell

Julianne Madrid wrote:

> I currently work in a public middle school and what
> I've read about the model just makes so much sense.
> It has been a process, however, to give up the
> assumptions I have about schooling as a society.
> So, as I look to create a school, I have been sharing
> with people around me the possibility I see in the SVS
> model. The thing that seems to be the biggest hang up
> for people is that children won't learn anything. I
> know this was my initial thought when I first started
> reading about the model, and it requires giving up
> control. In my (fairly useless) education classes we
> spend so much time talking about how to control a
> classroom. Letting go is very scary for most people.
> I've been puzzled about what is at the root of this
> assumption that children won't learn anything. It
> seems to me that it stems from the fact that we think
> people are inherently flawed. So then, getting people
> to see the value in the SVS model would require them
> accepting that humans aren't inherently flawed? Does
> anyone have any comments on this?
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