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John Axtell (
Mon, 06 Nov 2000 10:44:45 -0800

In regards to the comments by Robert Swanson I suggest that for research to be
meaningful there must be an objective and I fail to see any evidence of an
objective in the discussion of educational research which then defines the
objective of education, a definition of which I have not come up with.

I also think it is important to recognize that the "heart" is an inappropriate, in
my opinion, word to use for whatever it is that we may be discussing. Intellect is
given to us so that we can overcome the "heart" response which is usually based on
emotion rather than logic. I believe the key relationship is between the mind of
an individual and the Holy Spirit.

Most decisions based on "heart" turn out to be rather dysfunctional. The mind was
given to man so that he could rise above habit, instinct (which is needed for most
critical learning) and primordial fear.

John Axtell

Robert Swanson wrote:

> It is true, so true.
> Another way seems obscure, terribly obscure. Integrity via "A Course In
> Miracles" would be no worry or effort for anything. All mistakes of
> projection are forgiven. Trust and guidance rule perfectly.
> So, my dearest friends here nicknamed me butthead (as in Butthead & Beavis).
> yours truly,
> butthead
> on 11/4/00 9:28 AM, at wrote:
> > Just a note to say how much I am enjoying Robert Swanson's highly
> > intellectual postings, and the equally intellectual comments and responses of
> > others, on the tension between intellect and integrity.
> > Daniel Greenberg, Sudbury Valley
> >

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