Re: DSM: We like minded people 2

John Axtell (
Mon, 06 Nov 2000 10:39:19 -0800

A path can not be found unless it exists.

A person moving forward does not create a path.

A group moving forward creates a path (and usually a cloud of dust!).

Are we really interested in students "finding" their "path"?

Is our goal to expose a student to the "earth" and follow behind them as they
experience their existence? If so, can a student see anything but the horizon
that exists from where he/she exists? How can we know if our actions are
enhancing or hindering their experience of their existence?

John Axtell wrote:

> Dana, how can any environment ensure that students follow their own path and
> are true to themselves? One can only try to give them an atmosphere in which
> they have to find a path (of course, paths) to follow and let them figure out
> the rest.
> Mimsy

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