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on 11/4/00 6:48 AM, Rick Stansberger at wrote:

> Robert, you can't have it both ways. First you say we're all conditioned so
> much that there is no such thing as an independent inner life (intrinsic
> motivation) and then you say the intellect rules. that's a contradiction.

Yes, in this context it is. Intellect functions as if independent others,
nature, feelings and heart direction. The other part of this equation is
that intellect came about via conditioning. Iether conform to the social
norm (intellect) or else.

> Condition operates through feelings, setting up warm fuzzy feelings for doing
> the "right" thing and fear for doing the "wrong."

Yes, feelings remain critical even if intellect is the focus of thought.
Sadly, intellect is largely amoral and fear based. The alternative is
empathy and joy based. This joy might be considered progressive -- from
personal freedom to joy for freeing others, from joy for material things and
control to joy for spiritual things and guidance. Intellect devolves,
intelligence evolves.

> Those who have defeated their conditioning through therapy or self therapy
> make
> heavy use of the intellect for examining and thwarting the old conditioned
> responses, and finally replacing them with chosen new ones.

This seems appropriate use of intellect, a first step toward the integration
of intelligence. The purpose of intellect is abstract consideration of
possibilities. robert

> I gotta tellya, my friend, regular schooling has next to nothing to do with
> the
> intellect. Intellect scares the bejeepers out of those people. Just watch
> how
> they respond when a new teacher or a kid asks "why?" about one of their
> unexamined but cherished rules.
> Rick
> Robert Swanson wrote:
>> Half hour discussion about thought via heart or via intellect, and making a
>> future for our children.
>> Coast to Coast AM - Past Show Archives
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>> 11/03/00 - Fri/Sat
>> Guest: Randall Eaton, Ph.D
>> time frame: 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs into program.
>> I am pleased he repeated the point I have been making - We are thinking with
>> intellect to the omission of heart and feelings. Heart is actually supposed
>> to be the controlling element over mind and body. The consequence of going
>> against nature is to live in fear while struggling vainly to collect
>> material things as salvation from the mess we've made.
>> robert

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