Re: DSM: We like minded people
Sun, 5 Nov 2000 18:51:53 EST

I think there is a tremendous possibility for being what Robert calls an
"explosive individual" in a Sudbury school. Why on earth not? Each kid is
actually respected for what s/he is, and what s/he wants to be. Most choose
to also make friends and be socially acceptable, but I consider that the gift
of the school -- a student can do both, and doesn't have to constantly reject
their "explosiveness" -- not a word, I confess, that I like -- in order to
feel part of the community. Otherwise, why bother?

Robert wrote: "I don't understand how youth can role model the
advantages (the development) that youth seek for." Of course no one person
is a role model for everything another person is seeking. I think that
unless I totally misunderstand the question, that is the answer. Everyone
you use as a role model has something you are after. I learn plenty from
eight year olds. But youth learns plenty from adults -- in school and out --
as well as from other young people. They are not consciously deciding, I am
quite sure, to use only certain age people as role models.

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