DSM: Re: Sharing the SVS model

Kristin Harkness (kristin@harkness.net)
Sun, 5 Nov 2000 18:09:54 -0500

This assumption only holds if "inherently flawed = unwilling to learn",
which I don't believe. I agree with Scott that we all have flaws. Some
would say that curiosity is one of them :). I think humans are innately
curious, and want to learn. Flaws notwithstanding.

I too have come across many doubters who don't believe that children will
learn in a Sudbury setting. I think the assumptions that they are working
with are:

1) Learning is hard and not fun.
2) Children are naturally lazy.

I don't believe either of those, either. I think the first one is a direct
result of being traditionally schooled. I'm not sure where the second one
comes from. Perhaps from watching children trying to get out of traditional
school activities.

Kristin Harkness
SVS parent

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