Re: DSM: We like minded people 2

Robert Swanson (
Sun, 05 Nov 2000 01:58:23 -0800

Not sleet nor snow nor lack of sleep will delay this mail.

Without data they are flying blind.

I will defend sudbury until blue in the face. Intellect has stepped aside.
The students discover a sense of self that may be way beyond the paths our
limited intelligence can think of. But who knows. That's the point. Why such
fear to take a little more data and find out. Show me otherwise, but I
believe it is intellect putting a stop to further development through
further awareness.

True to self?... Same problem. Why not ask students what is true to self?
The fear of asking is unwarranted.


on 11/4/00 11:58 PM, Dana Bennis at wrote:

> Also, relating this specifically to Sudbury, does Sudbury ensure that
> children follow their own path and are true to their self? It seems like
> it does . . .
> Dana

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