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Joe Jackson (shoeless@jazztbone.com)
Wed, 1 Nov 2000 21:20:26 -0500

I am positive that most Sudbury model learners learn writing the way I
learned jazz improvisation - by reading, and not by following a writing

-Joe Jackson
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> None of these comments reflect any experience with the SVS model just some
> rambling thoughts.
> Writing is, in my humble opinion, simply a transcription of the
> thought process
> onto a medium that can be read.
> Fuzzy thought process Fuzzy writing.
> When I am talking most people are willing to put up with my fuzzy
> thinking but
> when they read the words I write they only give me a few minutes
> to decide if
> they think what they are reading is motivating them enough to continue the
> process.
> While there are technical techniques to writing "correctly" I believe that
> communication may be one reason to write. Most people have a very
> difficult
> time communicating in any medium effectively. A good speech,
> debate or logic
> program can help a person learn the skills of understanding where
> the listener
> is coming from, which then shapes the style and format of the
> communication
> being sent. (Well, at least it should have an impact on the logic
> within the
> communication medium being utilized.)
> While having an e-mail pal or something to write about certainly
> is a nice way
> to "learn" to write, certainly in the lower "grades", I doubt
> anyone can write
> effectively unless they understand where the "listener" is.
> While I have only read a very little about the SVS model I kind
> of guess that
> the interaction of the people and the issues they address in an
> open education
> model allow the participants to experientially learn quite a bit about
> effective communication. Then when they come to the need to communicate in
> writing they will probably come to the one, two, three, point
> system or some
> other appropriate communication model.
> John Axtell
> Valley, Wa

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