DSM: Re: writing

John Axtell (newlife@theofficenet.com)
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 10:44:42 -0800

None of these comments reflect any experience with the SVS model just some
rambling thoughts.

Writing is, in my humble opinion, simply a transcription of the thought process
onto a medium that can be read.

Fuzzy thought process Fuzzy writing.

When I am talking most people are willing to put up with my fuzzy thinking but
when they read the words I write they only give me a few minutes to decide if
they think what they are reading is motivating them enough to continue the

While there are technical techniques to writing "correctly" I believe that
communication may be one reason to write. Most people have a very difficult
time communicating in any medium effectively. A good speech, debate or logic
program can help a person learn the skills of understanding where the listener
is coming from, which then shapes the style and format of the communication
being sent. (Well, at least it should have an impact on the logic within the
communication medium being utilized.)

While having an e-mail pal or something to write about certainly is a nice way
to "learn" to write, certainly in the lower "grades", I doubt anyone can write
effectively unless they understand where the "listener" is.

While I have only read a very little about the SVS model I kind of guess that
the interaction of the people and the issues they address in an open education
model allow the participants to experientially learn quite a bit about
effective communication. Then when they come to the need to communicate in
writing they will probably come to the one, two, three, point system or some
other appropriate communication model.

John Axtell
Valley, Wa

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