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Robert, social reinforcement is far from the only type of reward there is.
Intrinsic rewards are much stronger. Have you read anything by Alfie Kohn --
"Punished by Rewards," or "No Contest" for example. There's lots of good
research to show that externally applied rewards can actually help to extinguish
the desired behavior. I've seen some powerful examples of this in my teaching
career. In fact, I've even made use of it. Praising an adolescent for
disruptive behavior (even while writing him up) can cause an immediate cessation
of such behavior.


Robert Swanson wrote:

> At Sudbury, the judicial system is already keeping record and acting on
> interference, and this has been effective. Just imagine if they desired also
> to take on monitoring examples of positive influence and making these public
> issues. The social reinforcement of public acknowledgement & support of
> creativity could perhaps explode the SVS culture into new realms. Just
> remember to objectively double check the general direction once in a while.
> robert
> on 10/30/00 6:55 PM, Joe Jackson at wrote:
> > Robert,
> >
> >> First measure how
> >> often intellects interfere with play (not often at Sudbury). Then measure
> >> how often intellects provide opportunities that are freely accepted by
> >> students. The public posting of these measures is usually enough of an
> >> influence socially to get results. Finally, measure if the program is
> >> working, evaluate, and make improvements.
> >
> > How would such things be measured?
> >
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