Re: DSM: Re: Finding like-minded people

Rick Stansberger (
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 18:28:31 -0700

Dear Evelyn,

You're very brave -- and very right.

It's hard to give up that status for you and your child. We often bask in the
praise of others without taking a close look at the people whose praise we seek,
or at exactly why they're praising us. Very often teachers love certain students
because they're docile and easy to manage. More importantly, their performance
makes the teacher look good and saves the teacher from criticism that the work
might be too difficult. I've said it myself: "Well, SOME people aced this test
. . . ." Years and years of this can make a "good student" hated by others and
socially isolated -- not that schools don't socially isolate everybody, including
the teachers.

Best just to skip the whole game-playing aspect of these years and get right to
the learning. Are you sending her to SVS?

Our own school will happen somewhere in Grant County, NM. We're looking for a
place now. We might be in town, out in the desert, or up in the mountains.
Various locations have their advantages and disadvantages.


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