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Rick Stansberger (
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 13:45:06 -0700


You made an assumption here:

> A very good point in a perfect world, however I guess we're human beings,
> and those of us who came from our schooling with an awareness of the evil
> perpetrated on us are probably a bit more sensitive to the advocation of
> said schooling excesses then those who had personality types that could play
> the game, make the grades and leave a winner.

I was salutatorian in my high school class of over 300, earned my MA with
honors, and my MFA thesis was published by Lousiana State University Press. I
played the game and left a winner, and it didn't stop me from seeing how wrong
it was.

In my 12 years of teaching advance-placement seniors, I learned that that group
of winners was the most cynical group about the merits of the system, much more
cynical than the kids "below" them, who still more or less believed that
academic success meant knowledge or intelligence. "Success is counted sweetest
by those who never succeed," I guess.

It took me 25 years in the trenches to figure out that the system couldn't be
fixed from within, and to stumble upon the Sudbury model, which is a true fix.
That's why I'm founding a Sudbury school where I live.


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