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Tue, 24 Oct 2000 21:39:06 EDT


Sudbury Valley has never been about education. Not even at the start. I know
it can be confusing because they say it's a school. And they write books like
it is. But it isn't and they know it. Sudbury Valley has never been about
education. Sudbury Valley is about the freedom of children.

What children need freedom from is others agendas. They need time and space
to seize their own agenda. Here again it can be a little confusing, because,
since all other types of schools are patently invasive, it might seem that
such schooling is what children need freedom from. But it isn't so. Sadly,
the most pervasive and invasive agenda that children face comes from their

I know that the literature says that Sudbury Valley defers to even "offer" to
the child. But here again, it isn't so. In the best Carl Rogers tradition,
nothing, nothing at all is offered to the child, except a deep and profound
regard. And it is the child who will seize this monumental offering and use
it to become a person and to be free. And here again it can be confusing. The
social and cultural production of free children may look like education, but
only because it has been so long since our older eyes and hearts have seen

Freedom is what Sudbury Valley is about. The work is Harriet Tubman work. All
of us, staff and parents, are working the southern banks of the Ohio. If any
of our students or our children make it to the northern shore, let them rest
in the mud, let them be free. And let the joy in our own hearts be

And of course, I could be wrong. So, if these thoughts are not useful, please
just forget them. Or send me back your own.

Bill Richardson


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