Re: DSM: staff members before the JC

Michelle Patzke (
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 22:28:36 -0500

To: Martin Wilke
From: Michelle Patzke, Liberty Valley School (a staff member with a JC

This year being at school 5 days a week and for now the only staff member I
have written myself up for 3 potential things: 1) forgetting that we
closed the kitchen and heating something up for a student for an open house
(I got a verbal warning, typical for all on first offenses), 2) for a grey
area about former students visiting for which I was not charged as there
was no clear cut rule, but on which I put forth a motion with a new policy
to cover the gap and 3) for eating on the table by the computers which was
found to be covered by "near the computers" but which was a first offense
for which I was given a verbal warning. They all fought over who got to
warn me.

Last year a staff member did write up another staff member (after
unsuccessful staff meetings on similar subjects) but the staff member
written up resigned before the matter was adjudicated.

It is hard to come up with a sentence sometimes when staff need to be a
certain place and when room restrictions are often used in that context.
Hope that helps.

Good luck,

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