Re: DSM: staff members before the JC

gene (
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 11:55:07 +0100

Martin Wilke wrote:
> Hi,
> the SVS literature about the Judicial Committee, most of the time deals
> with STUDENTS accused of violating the school's laws. I'm interested in
> what about staff members.

students and staff members are equal before the law of the school. staff
members do seem to obey the rules more, and if they begin to
unconsciously think that the rules apply only to the students, they are
usually faced with a complaint by a student or a staff member. i've seen
staff get brought up for things like infringing on rights during an ice
cream sale, or driving to fast out of the driveway, or failing to close
the school correctly.

usually staff get off light because they generally don't have any sort
of JC record though.


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