DSM: developmentaldisabilities"

Maddie Kertay (maddie@vol.com)
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 09:38:20 -0400

> I think the revelation that a learning disability is
>caused by the environment was meant to apply to pseudo-disorders like ADD.

>Although I have NO want to cause a flame war I take issue with
>*pseudo-disorders like ADD*. ADD is a real thing, it is WAY over used in
>our culture to try to pigeon hole children and give reason to medicate the
>otherwise normal but boisterous child but in it's TRUE form it a very real

> When on a daily basis your head will not calm down long enough for you
> to do one thing and do it well even when you are personally motivated to
> do such or when it interferes with what YOU (being the inner you) want to
> accomplish it is then a problem and indeed there is help to be had. This
> help can mean medication but it can also mean learning to meditate to a
> clear focus, and perhaps therapy if one gets benefit from it. In my mind
> just because we are talking of free education does not mean that we
> should not *see* things that might help our children experience this
> atmosphere in a fuller way.

((sorry the above looks like a quote..but I cannot get the stupid quote
bars to go away))

Maddie, ADD homeschooling mom
Married to a shrink who treats children but is ultra conservative when it
comes to meds.

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