RE: DSM: Seeking CT mavericks and info re: " developmentaldisabilities"

Joe Jackson (
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 02:43:03 -0400

> There is a brief comment somewhere in the Sudbury literature --
> disabilities
> don't show up once adults get out of the way. Children find their
> own way to
> learn and be productive.

I believe this comment does not refer to profound disabilities like brain
damage and autism - I think the revelation that a learning disability is
caused by the environment was meant to apply to pseudo-disorders like ADD.

As far as bonafide disabilities are concerned (be they autism, brain damage,
blindness, deafness, spinal cord injuries, etc.), I think the two questions
should be: 1) Can the school accomodate the disability (i.e. a ramp for a
wheelchair-bound student), and 2) Can the student take responsibility for
themselves in the school.

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