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At 08:09 PM 10/19/00 -0700, you wrote:
> I've read a lot about the SVS model and I'm
>curious about how writing develops for students in
>this environment. I ask because I majored in English
>in college and am about to embark on public high
>school teaching in English.

Hi. I KNOW I should not be posting this late.. my error rate goes WAY
up..but I am waiting for my husband to get done on HIS computer so I can
get off MY computer.. <eyes held open with toothpicks>
I am Maddie and home schooling mom in Chattanooga who is pondering opening
a SV style school in this area, and while I cannot say NEAR as much about
how SV kids attack writing I can say as unschoolers it is a motivational
thing. For a long while my oldest did nothing more taxing than write a
grocery list while I dictated from the drivers seat while going to the
store. Then *BOOM* one day he decided he wanted to write a story based on
Pokemon.. and he did and it was LONG. At this point he does not write often
( barring entering contests...that he likes) but when it strikes him he
puts pencil to paper or fingers to keys and bangs out quite a bit of stuff.
We have just now gotten to the point of talking about the editing process
which he sees when I get my work edited (queen of the run on sentence my
editor has a real job!) So he has become interested in that process. So for's interest driven with the occasional parent nudge :)

For my daughter she is getting into journaling through her Dear America that is good and my next to youngest like to write about bugs he
finds... so each in their own way and in their own time.


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