Re: DSM: Seeking CT mavericks and info re: " developmental disabilities"

Robert Swanson (
Fri, 20 Oct 2000 06:14:51 -0700

on 10/11/00 7:57 PM, Holly L McHaelen at wrote:

> I still would love to hear from folks who can speak to the issues of
> children with "developmental disabilities" [e.g. autism, brain damage]
> within a SV environment-- either to share first-hand experience or
> direct me to pertinent literature. Any ideas, anyone?
> Thanks again!
> Holly McHaelen
There is a brief comment somewhere in the Sudbury literature -- disabilities
don't show up once adults get out of the way. Children find their own way to
learn and be productive.

I think of it this way... put a bunch of lions in a cage and then study them
to discern healthy development patterns. Are the lions acting crazy or have
the observers gone nuts?

Robert Swanson

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