Re: DSM: Anyone have tips for someone who wants to start a Sudbury school?
Fri, 13 Oct 2000 11:44:48 EDT

this is one way the Laurel Springs school can really help by forming an
alliance and thereby making everything legal while we await
see below

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>Maddie - Can't you apply for approval as a Tennessee private school through
>the Commissioner of Education?
>I'm sure you've done the legal research, but check out
 Ah... and there lies the rub... take a quick look at the approval agencies
 listed.(below).. notice anything??? Anything that might hinder some nice
 liberal non Christians from opening a school????
 This has also been an issue of many who home school in TN since the right
 to do so unburdened by government interference is chatteled to Christian
 rights in my state.. leaving those who are not Christian out on a very
 shaky limb. The same goes for "different" schools trying to open... our
 best chance is going to be to get my UU or other liberal facility to
 sponsor a school... apply for "Registration/Licensing/Accreditation",
 get shot down ( yep I know it will happen) and then take it to court. All
 of which is a way lot of money that none of us have. I have been pondering
 chatting with the ACLU about the circumstance and see what I can do on that
 front.... so many choices....which leads me to a question.....
 Have any of you opened something more like a "Sudbury style" learning
 center where home schoolers can gather and be in such an atmosphere while
 trying to get a "legal school" up and running??? I guess I am asking what
 you have done with your children in the mean time... for us we are home
 schooling... but do others just leave their kids in public school while
 working on this process??
 Registration/Licensing/Accreditation: Church-related schools are required
 to meet the standards of accreditation or membership of the Tennessee
 Association of Christian Schools, the Association of Christian Schools
 International, the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools, the
 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the Tennessee Association of
 Non-Public Academic Schools, or a school affiliated with Accelerated
 Christian Education, Inc. Church-related schools may voluntarily seek
 approval by the State Board of Education. Tenn. Code Ann. 49-50-801.

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