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Scott Gray (sdg@sudval.org)
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 22:00:11 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Stephen

     I think you are referring to a piece I wrote, which is reprinted on
the Sudbury Valley page, in which I stated that "the tuition is less than
half the per-pupil cost of the local public schools."
     This is a little different than claiming that the school saves the
_parents_ money (Sudbury Valley doesn't save the parents money -- the
school saves the child and her/his parents grief, at the cost of tuition).
The claim was made in order to show that what makes Sudbury model schools
work is not money, but a more realistic vision of how people learn.

     As to your question about curriculum, this is the most crucial point
of Sudbury schools. Sudbury schools have no curriculum, and to my
knowledge are the only schools in the world that reject the concept of
     Sudbury Valley makes no claim to know what set of facts, ideas or
skills are important for any given individual who attends the school. The
school is a community in which people can develop free from coercion,
according to their own motives and desires; and this means that the
community does not make any value judgements about those motives or
desires (so long as the person is not harming the community or other
students through her/his actions).

     The answers to your questions can be found on Sudbury Valley's web
page. You will probably want to read through the online catalog ("About
Sudbury Valley") and look thorough the articles in the "free texts"
section to find answers. You will find the search engine on the front
page of the site helpful in finding answers to specific questions.

Take care,

On Fri, 29 Sep 2000 Octavian101386@aol.com wrote:

> At what site is school facts a link? Alpine valley, sudbury valley? The
> sudval.org page claims that sudbury students pay less than half than public
> school. Does that mean that the taxpayer in my house will pay less town tax
> because they deduct for public school tax? What exactly is the average
> preice?
> thanks,
> Stephen
--Scott David Gray
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