Re: DSM: authorities' approval for Sudbury Schools
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 20:18:08 EDT

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<< If the
 school was what you first said it was, then it cannot be a place where you
 actually trust most of the people most of the time. >>

 Most of the people at the school are students. I trust them. I have
reservations about only a few staff. Two staff members there are the salt of
the earth, in my opinion. And you're quite correct. My displeasure with
incidents at the school did affect my son's experience there.But we're not
wallowing in it. That was a valuable lesson to me and my son. But some of the
responsibility does belong with the school.
He's come right out and said, "You screwed up my fun there sometimes." Now
"they" don't want me back because of you." That says something about my
actions. And, that says something about the school. I've apologized to him
and claimed temporary motherly insanity. I see it as part of the work I have
to do to get out my son's face and quit interfering with his work there.
It's hard work for the staff. It's hard work for the children and it's
supposed to be a piece of cake for the parents? NOT! And as for it being a
fine place: If they allow him back despite MY mistakes and shortcomings,
then I would agree. And if I ever thought it was a bad place, I would have
never exposed him to it. I guess I'm impatient and want it to have the soft
culture that SVS has established over years. Now, I know that will take time.

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