Re: DSM: authorities' approval for Sudbury Schools
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:32:21 EDT

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<< If
 the dysfunction were more subtle you might have kept your child in this
 damaging situation for years, but it seems like these folks made it SO
 obvious that keeping your son in the school would pretty much amount to
 child abuse on your part!! :) >>

You've "almost" made my point. The real abuse would be for me NOT to allow
my son to attend if he wishes. Even if I don't approve of some of the
tactics of the very small "junta" at times, I trust most of the people there,
including most of the staff. And, I trust the assembly,even when I don't
agree with them. More importantly, I trust my son. He's not stupid, just
young. And as difficult as his year was, he's never grown or lived more. Nor
have I.

Do I detect defensiveness in your response, or is it just sarcasm? Maybe it's
just me. You're probably being very supportive and sincere. That's nice.

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