RE: DSM: authorities' approval for Sudbury Schools

Joe Jackson (
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 22:14:12 -0400

> Be wary of the
> newer schools. The culture takes time to develop.
> Good luck.
> Charlotte

I can certainly understand why you would say this, Charlotte. Many of us
who have been involved in the first few years of a startup find difficulty
in the slow process of students taking ownership of the school and
participating in the democratic process.

However, the school you are describing doesn't even sound like a Sudbury
model school - if the decisions are made by a small group, and they aren't
adhering to the model, then there's no way they are one even if they call
themselves one.

I'm sorry your son had a bad time at the hands of the "junta" - I'll bet you
(and he) are glad to be out of that school! Consider yourself lucky. If
the disfunction were more subtle you might have kept your child in this
damaging situation for years, but it seems like these folks made it SO
obvious that keeping your son in the school would pretty much amount to
child abuse on your part!! :)

Run, don't walk, and find yourself a REAL Sudbury model school - good luck!

-Joe Jackson
Fairhaven School

> Stephen,
> Not all Sudbury Schools are created equal. The school is only as
> good as the
> people running it. If the model isn't adhered to, then the control can
> belong to a small "junta". I've learned this by experience. My
> son had an
> experience from hell there, because the very small group running it had
> absolutely no idea what the model really means. In a Sudbury school, the
> model, which is based on respect, is everything.The best I've found are:
> Sudbury School, Framingham, MA, the school in Hampton, CT.
> Be wary of the
> newer schools. The culture takes time to develop.
> Good luck.
> Charlotte

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