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Marko Koskinen (
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Hi Derek!

I'm interested in the curriculum process you have had. We're planning a
similar school here in Finland and I would like to hear more about the
curriculum creation process and also to get the written curriculum. I
suppose it will be required here also.

Marko Koskinen

> In Australia, it is the State that are responsible for the approval or
> otherwise of non-State Schools. In Queensland, independent schools must
> undergo a second stage approval to also receive funding approval. The
> philosphy is not the issue, or so they say. It is the implementation of the
> educational model and how it happens to make it fit within the State's
> legislative framework that counts the most - along with suitable facilities,
> resources, insurances, incorporated status, local government approval,
> business plan including budgetary projections for at least 3 years,
> facilities' plans, management / administration plans, Staffing, enrolment
> projections and a curriculum. Our next "assessment" for funding happens in
> 6 days (the third in 4 years).
> Regards, Derek
> The Booroobin Sudbury School
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> > The Sudbury School concept is very different from that of most private
> > schools. How did you achieve that the authorities give you a licence to
> > legally operate as a school?
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> > Martin Wilke
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