Re: DSM: authorities' approval for Sudbury Schools

Elizabeth East (
Wed, 27 Sep 2000 16:57:43 -0400

Betsy East here, also in Massachusetts and with a different story to tell.
It is true that "approval" of private schools in this state lies with the
town. SVS was established in 1968, when people were ready for change, and
Framingham was amenable to an "alternative" school. Now, however, the
atmosphere is very different- oppressive, closed, and fearful. If the school
committee in a town doesn't want to deal with the issue, they don't have to,
and they can withhold approval at will. (And make us go away.) The way this
is all structured is bad all around-for the new school and for the school
committee, which has to decide with its....okay, I'm sorry....very limited
intellectual ability whether a model is valid. (I swear, they never read the
literature I gave them. I don't think they know how to read.)
It's a long story, to be told another time. Still, a child attending an
"unapproved" school is deemed truant, and that could mean a sheriff at the
door and Social Services.
Been there. Done that. Got tired. (And scared.)

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