Re: DSM: Clerkships
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 21:14:30 EDT

Let us start from the bottom up.

We have procedures to remove people from office if they perform poorly.

If no one runs for some clerkship, a "volunteer" is usually found by the
School Meeting. That rarely if ever happens.

The clerkships change very little over time. A few years ago the Grounds
Clerk and the Buildings Maintenance Clerk were combined into one gigantic
clerkship, the Physical Plant Supervisor. I imagine the person in that
office spends about 10-15 hours a week on it, plus other hours doing projects
he chooses to do himself rather than hire out.

But some clerkships are either seasonal or minor. The Medical Supplies Clerk
must work all of about 3 hours a year! The Records Clerk is most busy during
thesis season, when it takes about 6 hours per week; the Registrar is most
busy now. Admissions takes a lot of time all year, maybe 6-12 hours per
week, shared between two people.

There are about 10 clerkships.

Committees are very important, but there are not very many. Committee on
Aesthetics and School Use is exactly what it sounds like; Thesis Committee;
Financial Management Committee -- doing and overseeing bookkeeping and other
such things; Public Relations Committee; and Admissions Committee. I think
that is all we have right now. Oh, and Staff Training Committee, a new one
to start in the fall.

I am on every committee and hold many clerkships. That is my cup of tea! I
am far from the only one -- many staff are on all the committees, or most.


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