DSM: free?

Ben Robins (ben_robins@hotmail.com)
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 12:15:25 PDT

Hi all,

Sometimes I describe a Sudbury school as a place where kids are free.

When I say "free" I actually mean "free to do whatever they want so long as
they don't bother others, break safety rules or break government law."

Simply saying "kids are free" makes people think that we don't acknowledge
that sometimes the majority clearly imposes its way on individuals.

Instead of discussing the Sudbury model, many people out there are stuck on
discussing what Sudbury people think the word "free" means.

This bores me.

So, to those of you who edit Sudbury web pages or who promote the Sudbury
model on discussion groups, I beg you: Wherever you say "Sudbury kids are
free" please follow it immediately by "free to do whatever they want except

You know what you mean by free, but they don't. Are you trying to convince
yourself of the Sudbury model, or are you trying to convince them?

Okay, back to the selfish bit. I'm bored of having this same conversation
with people, having people focussed on the "Sudbury people think Sudbury
kids are free?" argument. Please, every time, explain what you mean by
free. Do it for me.


Me me me.

If you agree, please let me know so that I can inject new names into
repetitive conversations.

Do that for me too.

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