DSM: Needed: Genius

Samuel Atwood (wierdo@sudval.org)
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 19:27:44 -0400

I just recently started a new webpage, called "Genius." Genius is an
online literary magazine. Right now, I need submissions for the first
issue. I'm looking for prose of any kind, mainly fiction or poetry,
though. Once I have enough, I'll publish it at http://genius.twu.net/ .
Go to the website for more info. Thanks,
Sam Atwood, Editor, Genius Magazine.
P.S. I know this is a bit O.T, so, sorry. I figured this would be a good
place to recruit.

Go here and sign up. It is SO worth it. I swear. I just got free movie
tickets! WOW!

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