DSM: Spiritual View on future of Education

tperkins (tperkins@technologist.com)
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 21:23:44 -0700

I recently ran across a spriritual/esoteric view on the future of
education that reminded me so much of sudbury concept it seemed worthy
of posting (for those who are interested or tolerant of spiritualism.)

Here is a general FAQ:

"...The young everywhere need and are demanding their freedom and the
right to be treated not as subservient imbibers of predigested knowledge
but as adventurers seeking the answers to their questions and the
fulfilment of their dreams..."

"...One of the saddening things about present education is the way
children are put down, told that they are wrong, told not to do that,
that is naughty. This inhibition of the child that goes on all the time
has nothing to do with naughtiness. The child has no concept of
naughtiness. The child has only desires, instincts, and a looking for
adventure. If they were allowed to do that without always being told
that they are naughty and wrong, they would grow up without these
inhibitions, this lack of self-esteem..."



Todd :-)

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