Re: DSM: RE: SVS and conservative people

Martin Wilke (
Tue, 20 Jun 2000 13:30:22 +0200

Joseph Moore schrieb:
> Martin, I don't know what you mean by "conservative" here.
> People who would like to see the preservation of (and, where lost, a return
> to) the values and goals expressed by the writers of the US Constitution are
> generally called 'conservatives' here in the US, but would be strongly in
> favor of more personal responsibility and freedom.
> Republicans and Democrats in this country are philosophically about 1/2"
> apart - it's just a matter of HOW they wish the government to use its
> essentially unlimited power that is the issue.
> Anyway, because of the miasma surrounding 'liberal' and 'conservative', I
> just don't find the terms very useful. Maybe you could be more specific?

Maybe the terms are used differently in Germany and the US - as I found
out for "liberal" and "libertarian" some time ago.

By "conservative" I mean a more or less authoritarian approach: wanting
to control how a person behaves and what that other person does with
her/his life, being less tolerant, disliking minorities, accepting
whatever anti-liberal means against crime / more or less advocating a
police state and zero tolerance, prefering hierarchical structures
instead of democracy, being ignorant of social injustices and human
rights violations, being against sexual liberty, ...

Most of these conservative people, but not all, are much in favor of
reducing welfare, and of privatization of everything they can get.

In the field of education conservatives stand for giving students no say
in what to learn, when, how, where and with whom to learn, they stand
for more testing and standardization, obedience, oppression of
individuality - among other things.

Maybe this brainstorming helps

Martin Wilke

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