Re: DSM: SVS and conservative people

Alan Klein (
Mon, 19 Jun 2000 17:19:11 -0400

The lure of democratic schools for this "politically leftist" person is the
emphasis on freedom and choice (hence the "liber" part of liberal).

My stereotype about "conservative...people" is that they tend to be in favor
of controlling people's personal issues (dress, length of hair,
reproductivity, sexual orientation, music, etc.) if they do not agree with
that person's choices, beliefs, or orientation.

Actually, I tend to agree with the person who said that there is little
difference between our two main political parties in that each believes in
government control, just over different things in different ways. Democrats
tend to favor controls over business and Republicans tend to favor control
over people [...he said, secure in the knowledge that he has just inflamed
the majority of his readers! ;o) ]

My preference is more libertarian, which I see as favoring fewer controls
over everyone.


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> I guess I would ask the question a little differently than
> Joseph Moore did.
> What is it you believe Sudbury Schools have (or offer) that
> is of particular interest to "politically leftist people'"
> and
> What is you it believe about Sudbury Schools that you think
> might be aversive to "conservative and unpolitical people?"

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